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Can we take a moment to talk about this shit right here for a second?

Just because I run a hentai blog doesn’t mean I’m void of humanity or manners but this shit pissed me the fuck off. I’m unsure if it was led up for a joke of “hurr durr she has great tits” but the fact that nobody else actually took the comment seriously in the original status and says “yeah I agree, she’s a fantastic character. Actually would marry if I could.” Or anything else like that astounds and scares me about us as anime fans and otaku.

Ok so I get it: Yoko Littner is a very sexy character who is very rarely put into compromising positions for the sake of comedic effect or titilation.

We all saw the uncut version of episode 6 and we love how the fact she’s beautiful as hell AND is one of the strongest members of Team Dai Gurren. She single handedly takes down two gunmen BY HERSELF ARMED WITH ONLY A SNIPER RIFLE, has a gun battle with one of the more dangerous villains in the first movie, doesn’t take shit laying down and has A LEGITIMATE REASON TO WEARING WHAT SHE DOES. To her wearing less = more when it comes to the ability to use a rifle in combat and it goes down to how much weight she’s carrying and staying cool enough so she doesn’t overheat. She becomes a teacher later in the series for an elementary school, never asks to be thanked for saving the planet, stayed loyal to Kamina right to the very end of her life (don’t give me that shit about Kittan, that was some ULTIMATE THIRST he was spewing and she can’t be blamed for him running to his death)

….and the majority of the fanbase I end up seeing remembers her as nothing but a pair of tits.

Are we as anime fans really so distilled of decency we can’t even talk about sexy ladies without slut shaming or dumbing them down to “a walking pair of tits”? Sure I’m a hentai blogger who writes shit like ‘look at this whore being slutty’ but I don’t actually mean any of it and it’s all fan art anyways; I don’t hold any of the things I say for A LOT of what I say in my posts true unless I outright state it myself. I type that shit for titulation and just to grab your eye…

I just..

I really like Gurren Lagann guys. A lot. It bothers me when characters like Yoko are just shamed for their bodies. Yes ladies don’t bother being intelligent or skilled: if you’re sexy you’ll be referred to as ‘nothing but fanservice’ right alongside other slut shamed women in anime such as

- The entire cast of Senran Kagura
- Ryuko Matoi of Kill la Kill
- Rias Gremory of a Highschool DxD
- Saeko Busijima of Highschool of the Dead

…and everyone else who is sexy as hell in anime but gets shat on just because their creators decided “I wanted to look at someone pretty”.

Edit: I don’t know if the proper term is “slut shaming” but shit like this just disgusts me.

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